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What do »getting in shape« and sales have in common?

They both fail if they are based on »emotions only«. Getting in shape is a process where you build your-self into better you. But if you don’t get your final goal right, if you don’t understand principal steps how to get to it, set proper framework and focus on executing value added activities like proper food regime and balanced physical activities, you probably would not get there. Since if you are led by emotions and what feels good, rational better will always loose. Just remembered how good it feels to let yourself go, to treat yourself with dopamine rush that your favorite food brings.

But what does that have to do with sales. Sales based on personal relationship only, have the same effect as dopamine rush with favorite food. It feels nice, is comfortable, based on trust in familiar and not based on value that true good sales relationship bring. If you know what do you want, you set up a framework how to get it. You know the value that it will bring you and your sales partner is not chosen based on relationship status, but on his ability to deliver this value, even if you can’t build trust based on relationship history, but you can take that risk-reward ratio, because you understand a value of proper solution.

Main difference between personal and sales relationship is based on value factor and forms of it. In personal relationship emotions can be, and must be, an important element. In business they are nice add-on, but they should not be crucial element, if you have clear understanding of value you are looking for.

Getting in shape? Well it is about the same, feeling good during process is a nice upgrade, but it should not be decisive factor in creating your journey. Final goal is the ultimate reward mechanism.

Are both path – sales and getting in shape – sustainable without feeling good factor. Yes, if you know how to balance long-term goals with short term benefits and you are able to avoid »human error« of having bigger fear of loses compared to potential of winning. Feeling good should come out of long-term results. If you balance right, your final results are much better and more stable in the long-term.

For all the sales and people trying to get in shape, use value added approach and keep your eye on a long-term goal. Don’t build your framework of behavior on emotions only.

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