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Introducing AI through ladder approach (Rob Thomas – IBM, published by O’Reilly media)

Report published by O’Reilly media, written by Rob Thomas: https://www.robdthomas.com

Robert D. Thomas is general manager of IBM Data and Artificial Intelligence

He is writing in his paper about AI approach company should take in order to be succesful, you can access paper bellow:

The AI Ladder has been developed by IBM to provide organizations with an understanding of where they are in their AI journey as well as a framework for helping them determine where they need to focus. It is a guiding principle for organizations to transform their business by providing four key areas to consider:

  • how they collect data (use all data types, invest in AI-infused data management tools),
  • organize data (address data quality, organize and catalog data, govern the data),
  • analyze data (build, run, manage)
  • and then ultimately infuse AI into their organization.

After before going through above mentioned four stages, you need to modernize your organization (set proper data architecture) to prepare it for AI and hybrid cloud world. “Modernize,” in this context, means building an information architecture for AI that provides choice and flexibility across the organization.

Using AI in business is all about predictions, automation and optimization. Challenges for organizations that would like to introduce AI are:

  • Lack of understanding
  • Getting a handle on their data (lack of data, too much data, bad data)
  • Lack of relevant skills
  • Issue of trust
  • Culture and business model change
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