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“Burning bright and burning out can be seen as two potential consequences for athletes driven by passion.” (Gustafsson, Hassmén and Hassmén, 2011)


Reading great article in ISSA blog:

Article – Psychology of overtraining, are you overmotivating clients

it made me think about that thin line, we are all avoiding to cross. And in light of “modern conversations” about motivation, passion, how emotions are our “unique human capabilities” and how we should use them in order to differentiate, to succeed and to be “happy”, this article give great perspective on threats coming out of this approach. In sport (or sport related activities) or business trainer and leaders took on them self enormous responsibility to contain, manage, direct all those energy into proper development.

But again, taking responsibility to estimate, listen and adjust to our internal feedbacks lies with us. We are build with limitations to protect us, but also abilities to adjust to loads and improve our structures (mental and physical) to cope with higher loads next time.

Get to know when to push and when to let go…could be a single most important ability…to define your success, work on it.

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