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Nir Eyal is an author of two books Hooked and Indistractable. Both are talking about today’s world, where we have so many noises and where we can get distract quickly, since technology is offering us quick satisfaction of our pain. Hooked is about how companies can use habit forming principles to create services and products that customers will value more and that will enable companies to create better customer experience and higher customer life time value. On the other hand Indistractable is about how to make sure to stay focus on things that really matter. How to master distraction. There are four steps on how to get that right:

  • Master internal triggers (what really motivates us)
  • Make time for traction (turn values into time, control the inputs not the outcomes).
  • Hack Back external triggers
  • Prevent distraction with Pacts (effort, price and identity pacts)

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