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How to match company with the right leaders?

Scott Galloway in saying in his book The Four that you have different type of stages in company development and in order to be successful you need to match them with appropriate type of CEO.

To make it short, he sees them as:

  • Start up – enterpreneur
  • Growth – visionar
  • Mature – operator
  • Decline – pragmatist

When listening to recent debates in Slovenia about politics and economy and how the “enterpreneures” who are corner stones of Slovenian economy, will move the money out of Slovenia…I could not help myself thinking about what kind of business environment we actually have and why there are so little transitions in Slovenia from small family businesses to mature, strong, multinational companies. Why do we talk about people and not companies and why we live in an environment where we celebrate start ups that barely collects initial money to start their business and we do not talk about 100+ million revenue companies that are fighting in very competitive environment.

Well is it because we lack strong CEO’s from third and fourth categories – operator and pragmatist. To be fair this is a challenge for Slovenia because of limited potential(companies) to gain such experience and our lack of “trust” for strangers to let them into our business.

Or maybe it is because of inability of stage one and two actors to move away and their inner drive to keep the status of the best in the village alive.

Whatever the reason is…we as a country are missing an opportunity to build business environment for ambitious, smart, capable young leaders to lead and develop serious companies that could be corner stones of Slovenian economy. And so we will be left with debate about how to tax dividends and who is earning what.

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