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Happiness und usefulness – motivation of employees and where we are in Slovenia

I have read a lot of articles about new business models developments and benefits and threats of development of new technology and his use in real life. Talking about use of digitalization tools, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning is subject where everybody take their side. Either they support them and see them as great opportunity for development of business environment or they see them as a threat to human employment. Either way the debate is an emotional one.

And when we talk about emotions and their importance in business, there are a lot of those who believe emotions are unique human capabilities and as such are not only dividing factor between us and machines, but are important factor of human success in business and otherwise.

And based on these new modern human resource strategies are built on emotions and how to keep employee happy. And as a proof of superiority of this approach, their followers give us reference to modern working environments in successful companies like Google, Facebook,…where you not only come to work, but there you have everything you want…fitness, relaxing rooms, nice cafeteria,…and so on. They are what someone would call “a great place to work”. People are happy there and because they are happy they work better and companies are more successful.

Let’s put a side that people don’t actually have uniform standpoint on happiness and as Killian Jornet, mountain runner put it so nicely they actually mistake it for fun: “Don’t you think, that we replace fun with happiness? Sometimes when I think about happiness, I think about laughter, talks with friends, deep breading after making love, scream of joy as adrenaline flows after great race…But all that is nothing but fun, is that no so? Isn’t happiness, when we sit in quietness of morning’s dawn in dewy grass or when we lay in bed after long and hard day and we look back and think about all the feelings of joy and suffering, that are all but memories in this moment?”

But through my experience in working environment and in life, happiness does not lead to better efficiency and as such I believe is not a way to better workforce. Since place of work should and must be goal oriented environment and as such separated from other areas of employee’s life, what is a proper way to build an environment that is both challenging and rewarding.

So if we should not only make working environment nice, but is should be set up in goal oriented mode, which area of human motivation should the best working environment address. Darius Foroux says that purpose of life is not happiness, it is usefulness. He believes that happiness is just by-product of usefulness.

Putting above mentioned into business context and if we address reference of Google and Facebook as desired working environment from perspective that they are successful and as such perceived from employees as high potential environment, where people can contribute to something meaningful and as such they are useful and they matter and if you add to that, that companies size offer potential for development and growth…maybe is not all about emotions and happiness? Maybe business environment should address usefulness of their employee, it should offer very clear goals and expectations for them and enable them with tools to get there and after they get there, they should now what is the next step.

In light of debates in our country about business environment, taxes, young people leaving country, development (just kidding…this is not on agenda yet…not important), maybe we should realize that we are simply not building proper infrastructure. And I am not talking about, roads, data centers, electrical cords,…, I am talking about supporting business environment of strong companies, capable of offering potential development ground to our citizens, potential that could lead to self-realization through success. Small and midsize companies are nice, startups are nice, but in order to develop generation of strong people and leaders (how do expect to have leaders in any area if we don’t want to develop them), we need different approach.

#Do you think US government does not want to take all the money from taxes from above mentioned companies, but they understand that in order to be winner you need to have strong players and they should have money to back it up. Technology and data is new oil…so guess who is ready for that fight and who is not.

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