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Microsoft “Daily recommendation” – CRM added value enrichment

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Listening to an event from Microsoft, that address digital transformation of marketing and sales, I finally heard about real life usage of CRM enrichment, that I was looking for quite some time. They do it internally, calling it »Daily recommendation”. It is basically sellers dashboard, that gives him daily push to work on certain accounts and recommend them what a subject of interactions should be. Recommendation is based on input of sensors they have through the public internet, event activities, customer activities regarding content Microsoft is publishing on internet and other sources.

I was looking for this kind of solution, based on exercise I did in regard to CRM implementation. Question was, what would I, as a seller, identify as added value of CRM usage? Sometimes these systems bring enormous value for management, but have hard time to create value for users, who are main point of data entrance and whose motivation to actively work with them, is usually main factor of successful implementation of those systems.

I look at niche solutions, check Datafox from Oracle, Salesforce Einstein, talked with some local developers, but didn’t get the answer I was looking for. Until today. Microsoft function is still internal only and I hope, they will introduce it in their commercial products, hopefully they will not decide that this is their competitive advantage and will keep it for them self. 

Having AI helping sellers with collecting buying signals, identifying selling opportunities, perspective accounts, creating sales pitches; future of sales is fun.

It is true, that in my quest for that level of CRM usage, I realize that reality of CRM usage is sometimes on another side of development bar.

If I classify development phases of CRM roughly:

  • Creating digital database of accounts and contacts.
  • Digitalizing processes.
  • Automating activities.
  • Optimizing sales force efforts based on account scoring, lead scoring, opportunity scoring with us of AI.
  • Running sales activities based on recommendation created with AI that is able to collect buying signals from outside in inside sources and creating the best sales approach.

Then reality is in a lot of cases inside phase one, potentially two. But technology is here. In majority of cases all the way up to phase four. And phase five is coming. In case of internal Microsoft use, it is already here. 

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